Our clients use their Customer Value Competency to:
bullet   Link growth objectives to value-centered strategies
bullet   Assess the organization's capacity, capability, and options for growth 
bullet   Identify growth opportunities in high value market segments
bullet   Make existing offerings more valuable to customers to improve margins and establish stronger relationships
bullet   Design new products and services to tap the latent potential in the installed base
bullet   Shift the emphasis from product differentiation to service differentiation to shape compelling customer experiences
bullet   Structure and strengthen channel programs to focus on adding value and not just pushing paper
bullet   Refocus marketing strategies to target high value segments and use value-based positioning
bullet   Train sales teams to utilize value-driven tactics to accelerate buying cycles
bullet   Develop marketing programs to transform customers into advocates
bullet   Prioritize product development to synchronize with customer value cycles
bullet   Optimize, by segment, levels of customer care  to elevate the value of the relationship
bullet   Institute organization-wide action for the continuous creation of customer-value
bullet   Establish meaningful business metrics to monitor value creation and the quality of customer relationships



The basic goal of any strategy is simple enough; to win the customer’s preference and create a sustainable competitive advantage, while leaving sufficient money on the table for shareholders.

- Bossidy and Charran, Execution

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